Precision Ag history heralds bright future

Over the past two decades, precision ag history has been marked by rapid development and positive outcomes.

Precision ag has become, well, much more precise.

According to David Mulla from the University of Minnesota, USA, in his article on Precision Ag history, “Spectral bandwidth has decreased dramatically with the advent of hyperspectral remote sensing, allowing improved analysis of specific compounds, molecular interactions, crop stress, and crop biophysical or biochemical characteristics.

Portable Analytical Solutions has relished our partnership with spectrometry specialist Headwall Photonics as we equip agribusiness with higher-quality data and more sophisticated planning and risk reduction. The result has been greater profitability, identification and mitigated risk and increased crop security.

This 2017 slideshow gallery includes actual product used by Jeff Boyer, superintendent of the Davis-Purdue Agricultural Center near Farmland, Indiana, USA.

Do any of these ‘museum exhibits’ look familiar?

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