Malvern Panalytical Scientific Award 2023

Our 2023 Scientific Award is now open – and there’s a €5,000 prize for the best entry.
Entries close August 31st – you’ve still got time!

Lemnatec™ Canopy Scanalyzer

Portable Analytical Solutions

growth chamber canaopy scanalyzer
industrial greenhouse

Canopy Scanalyzer solutions for glasshouses, growth rooms, climate chambers, cultivation halls, or indoor farms 

Automated high-throughput Canopy Scanalyzers combine rapid automated data recording with advanced analytical software and machine learning.

LemnaTec is the global specialist for automated Scanalyzer Solutions that not only save time and labour, but also provide a much broader base of information compared to visual scoring. The Canopy Scanalyzer technology is dedicated to users who work with ground-standing plants – directly in soil, in containers, or pots – that are not movable, or not intended to move. The sensor-to-plant system records imaging data from above the plants, and usually delivers data on plant canopies rather than on individual plants.

  • Sensor to plant
  • Sensors mounted on gantry structure that moves across plant area
  • Fixed plant positions
  • Broad range of imaging and sensing modules
  • Dedicated optics and illumination
  • Available for a range of dimensions
  • Sensing equipment in a sensor bay mounted on the gantry or sensor exchange system

We recommend to record environmental data in the plant growth area, such as temperature, light, or air humidity. We offer recording systems that store the environmental data together with the phenotypic data of the corresponding plants.

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