Malvern Panalytical Scientific Award 2023

Our 2023 Scientific Award is now open – and there’s a €5,000 prize for the best entry.
Entries close August 31st – you’ve still got time!

Support, Servicing & Maintenance

Local expertise, breadth and depth of knowledge, training, service and personal support.

From remote access support to full maintenance and calibration service right here in Australia, we are able to keep you up and running with the minimum of interruption.

Be assured that every product we supply  has been designed for the harsh realities of industry and competition. These highly specialised products perform best when handled correctly and maintained in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

PAS offers you the best technology from the leading manufacturers so we will always give you independent advice about the optimum solution for you.

Only PAS.

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For customer support contact Dave Scattergood, our service manager.
Or call +61 2 4381 2844

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Keep your analyser operating in peak condition and minimise costly downtime or critical failures in-field. Our service contracts are based around your use and our understanding of in-field operations, as we anticipate possible issues and construct the best service option for you.

Support tickets are easy to raise and are dealt with efficiently by our dedicated support team.

Talk to a PAS service technician for details on our range of service contract options.

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Elemental Assay in Mining Explained

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Finding Buried Treasure: The Stages of Mineral Exploration Explained

The Australian landscape is renowned for being mineral rich and mining operations here have the potential to be quite lucrative. However, the country is also extremely vast, making it difficult to identify deposits, particularly of the scale required to make mining economically viable. That’s why experienced prospectors maximise their chances of success by working through several structured stages of mineral exploration.

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