Malvern Panalytical Scientific Award 2023

Our 2023 Scientific Award is now open – and there’s a €5,000 prize for the best entry.
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Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy

Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIR) 1

What Is Near-Infrared Spectroscopy?

Near-infrared spectroscopy uses the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum (from about 350 nm to 2500 nm) to identify compounds and materials.

NIR is accurate, reliable, rapid and non-destructive, requiring no sample preparation. This makes NIR Spectroscopy appealing as a procedure as it is both efficient and non-destructive, and has a wide range of applications.

NIR works because specific organic molecules absorb specific wavelengths of NIR (near infrared) light energy. The absorptions are directly correlated with the concentration of the organic molecules. Spectroscopy instruments detect molecular overtone and combination vibrations.

Applications could be as concentrated as neuroscience and medical screening, as local as asbestos detection or as far-reaching as agricultural data collected from aircraft or satellites.

Portable NIR Devices

Portable Analytical Solutions (PAS) provides comprehensive knowledge and support across our wide range of Near-Infrared (NIR) spectrometers.
Our portable NIR spectroscopy range includes the fastest and most accurate devices available worldwide.

From mining to agriculture, we have the perfect NIR solution no matter what industry or application you are after.

With access to a hyperspectral imaging device the time, cost, and work required to analyse and prepare current or future mine sites is greatly reduced. It also eliminates the monetary and time wastage that unsuccessful explorations have.

Industries That Can Benefit From Handheld NIR Analysers?

When used as a mineral analyser, Near-infrared spectroscopy can produce a high-quality, clean spectrum. It utilises a short-wave infrared camera in order to increase the spectrum clarity. This means that NIR provides light in the region of 1001-2500 nanometers, enabling it to accurately identify the minerals in the material and its metallurgic properties.

Our range of NIR spectrometers offer accurate mineral identification and quantitative analysis results in seconds rather than waiting hours or days for laboratory results.

Recommended product: TerraSpec Halo and TerraSpec 4

NIR spectroscopy has been used for various applications in the medical field. It has proven to be a useful tool for clinical laboratory testing and non-invasive diagnosis. The extensive applicability of NIR spectroscopy makes it possible for the diagnosis and therapy of diseases as well as explaining their pathophysiology.

Several products in our NIR spectrometer range can be used for diagnostic healthcare applications.

Recommended product: LabSpec 4

NIR spectroscopy is commonly used in agricultural operations to determine crop parameters. This most frequently includes sugar content, water content, and other indicators of ripeness. Near-infrared spectroscopy is also used to determine the need for nitrogen-based fertilisers by analysing chlorophyll fluorescence.

Our NIR spectrometers offer a non-destructive and fast method of inspection which has a place in every step of the food production cycle from production to grading and sorting.

Recommended product: Trek and FieldSpec 4

Forests and ecological resources are important assets that need to be properly managed. Near-infrared spectroscopy allows for the responsible analysis and management of some of the Earth’s most precious resources using 

Accurate analysis of forest health, population, growth areas and damage is possible through sophisticated environmental remote sensing NIR technologies available from PAS.

Recommended product: FieldSpec 4

Management of dangerous waste and demolition materials such as asbestos and heavy metals is now more critical than ever. Accurate analysis of waste material informs decisions about where and how best to treat such material. NIR technologies offer a huge range of flexibility in the identification of materials.

PAS brings you a range of NIR solutions and the knowledge to guide you to the best one for your waste management situation.

Recommended product: MicroPhazir AS

The ability to analyse construction and building material for instant asbestos analysis can drastically speed up projects whilst enabling confident decision making.

NIR technology is able to identify six different types of asbestos, ensuring you and your workers can accurately determine whether work can continue, or if it needs to stop in order to arrange asbestos removal services. 

Recommended product: MicroPhazir AS