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Hyperspectral Imaging For Mine Mapping

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Mineral Identification With Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging utilises spectroscopy to identify minerals or deposits of geological materials, to better plan and analyse potential extraction sites. It also provides insight into the best method for transporting the material from the deposit site, to the processing facility. 

With access to a hyperspectral imaging device the time, cost, and work required to analyse and prepare current or future mine sites is greatly reduced. It also eliminates the monetary and time wastage that unsuccessful explorations have.

Hyperspectral Imaging In The Mining Industry

Every object, whether natural or man-made, reflects and absorbs a specific and unique spectral wavelength. This means that it is possible to separate materials like Hematite from Goethite. This is what hyperspectral imaging utilises to scan and map mining deposits and sites.

This form of mapping is extremely accurate for minerals like iron ore, kaolinite, arsenic, and is also utilised to spot indicator minerals.

Minerals That Hyperspectral Imaging Can Detect

Hyperspectral imaging scan of hematite and goethite

Mine Mapping Dangerous Or Out-Of-Reach Deposit Sites

Leading-edge remote sensing spectral imaging is perfect for use by airborne and ground applications.

With the combination of the Headwall Photonics hyperspectral images and the Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD) Terraspec product mineral identification, an entire image can be evaluated quickly, without ever needing to physically visit the area.

Find deposits worth your investment, and avoid the cost and danger associated with manually investigating potential mine areas.

Our Range Of Headwall Hyperspectral Sensors

Based on all-reflective concentric technology, Headwall Photonics hyperspectral sensors feature their own application-specific, all-original diffraction gratings to eliminate chromatic aberration over the entire spectral range. These units are rugged and heavily tested in the mining industry to ensure accurate scanning and a long lifetime. They also have an extensive wireless range, to ensure you can map vast areas without losing data connection.

headwall hyperspec nano close-up
Headwall photonics - revised-spectral-ranges

Different Mining Applications for different Headwall Hyperspectral Devices

The following Headwall hyperspectral sensors are commonly used for mine mapping