Malvern Panalytical Scientific Award 2023

Our 2023 Scientific Award is now open – and there’s a €5,000 prize for the best entry.
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Lemnatec™ PhenoTron

Combined Phenotyping and Growth Cabinet

Portable Analytical Solutions

Lemnatex phenotron

The LemnaTec PhenoTron is a versatile instrument for a broad range of phenotyping applications in laboratories. 

It combines the imaging and image processing capabilities of a LabScanalyzer with the advantages of a climate-controlled growth cabinet. Thus, prime sample types are such that require environmental control during the phenotyping process, such as seeds or seedlings that are observed in continuous time series. Imaging of samples that do not stay continuously in the cabinet is equally possible. Thus, the PhenoTron allows imaging of many different types of biological samples including plants as well as samples in plates:

  • Seedlings and small plants in pots or small trays
  • samples in microtiter plates or petri-dishes, e.g. seeds, leaf disks, insects
  • samples in beakers, e.g. duckweed for ecotoxicology testing
  • detached plant parts, e.g. leaves, fruits, roots, tubers

The core compartment of the LemnaTec PhenoTron consists of a climate controlled growth chamber (15°C to 40°C ± 3°C) with tunable LED light sources. It has up to 16 groups of LEDs in different spectral bands between 350 and 850 nm, which can be controlled independently. Top stereo RGB cameras deliver data for many phenotyping applications. The system is operated via a touch-screen interface with intuitive controls.

PhenoTron configuration
PhenoTron cabinetH: 870 mm
W: 880 mm
D: 680 mm
Temperature controlControl of air temperature: 15°C to 40°C ± 3°C
RGB cameraVisible light imaging for count, size, morphology and colour of the objects