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Machine Vision

Machine Vision

What Is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is the technology involving all industrial and non-industrial applications in which a selection of software and hardware provide operational guidance to devices in the execution of their specific functions based on the capture and processing of images.

Such applications can include processing and quality control, automatic inspection, and robot guidance.

Machine vision technology depends on digital sensors positioned inside industrial cameras with specialised optics to retrieve images. This allows for computer hardware and software to process, analyse, and measure various characteristics for decision making.

Machine Vision For Food Processing And Quality Control

Accurate and flexible machine vision has revolutionised process inspection and manufacturing, such as in the price-conscious meat and fruit industries. At the forefront of human health and social development for our whole society is the quality and safety of food.

Products of nature, such as apples and tomatoes aren’t standardised, with each one differing from the next in form, ripeness, optical qualities, weight, bruising and so forth. The more exactly these quality characteristics can be measured, the more optimally the harvest can be marketed.

Once a typically labor-intensive process, machine vision now greatly assists in increasing the efficiency of food processing. A key component of machine vision is image processing, which utilises machine learning to measure the type and quality of food. This enables follow-up design in the machine vision system to address tasks such as food grading, detecting foreign objects or defects, and removing impurities.

Machine Vision 1

Headwall Hyperspec Inspector: Advanced Machine Vision System

Headwall’s Hyperspec® Inspector runs 24×7 unattended and is designed for extremely harsh environments. Hyperspec® systems offer attractive, cost-effective solutions very quickly by boosting product quality and plant efficiency while reducing the amount of unnecessary waste.

For high-speed, in-line process inspection, Hyperspec® imaging sys­tems offer advantages over traditional machine-vision cameras in the ability to analyze, discern, and discriminate based on the chemi­cal composition of product on the manufacturing line.

The Headwall Hyperspec Inspector provides information throughout the rigorous and demanding process that other analysis tools cannot withstand. Speak to PAS about the extensive Headwall range of hyperspectral tools, including training and support.

Machine Vision 2
Hyperspec MV.X

Hyperspec MV.X: Visualize Value at the Speed of Light

The Future of Food using Industry-leading Hyperspec® MV.X platform paired with real-time onboard classification on processing/production lines.

From specialty crops to seafood and poultry, the global food industry adopts advanced tools to ensure the quality and safety of food supplies. Headwall’s award-winning MV.X technology platform overcomes these obstacles by combining a high-performance spectrometer with powerful embedded computing to extract actionable results in real-time. Machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered perClass® MIRA software performs runtime processing and makes model development very intuitive. The web user interface of the MV.X allows for remote control and maintenance of the system.

Capable of Concentric Imaging or Line-Scanning, the Hyperscpec MX.V represents a powerful tool for food processing. 

Machine Vision 3


Machine Vision