Precision Agriculture

Access satellite imagery for accurate and innovative farm management. 


With proper analysis, producers are able to accurately measure crop growth, monitor on-farm trials and identify issues such as uneven spreading or inconsistent sprays. On the basis of reliable results, farm management and planning decisions are much easier.


As the grain production industry increasingly uses precision ag monitoring solutions, it is important to understand the possibilities presented by the latest technology. Farmers can use NIR and hyperspectral solutions to answer key questions about their crop rotation patterns, yield management, storage and irrigation.


Sustainable farming means starting with the soil as the base of the operation, using analysis to develop a long-term program. Reliable, reproducible analysis of soil texture, soil moisture, salt levels and paddock rotation is achievable through hyperspectral analysis.


Satellite and airborne platforms provide images depicting vineyard conditions, maximising grape yield and quality while managing location-specific risks and variations. This highly-customised application uses the latest leading technology to achieve results and to optimise harvest in this lucrative industry.

Full Range

For solutions in hyperspectral imaging for precision ag, speak to PAS about its hardware and software offerings from ASD Inc. and Headwall Photonics.

  • Highest quality range of imaging products
  • Featuring custom-designed data collection software
  • Lab-based, ground or airborne solutions


Precision Agriculture