PAS to exhibit in RIU Explorers mining conference

Portable Analytical Solutions is excited to be part of the RIU Explorers mining industry conference to be held in Fremantle from 20-22 February 2018.

The popular conference, now in its 17th year, has grown from two to three days in 2018, reflecting the boost in activity throughout the Mining and Exploration Sector.

There are big things happening in the Australian resources sector, with new developments mirroring increased investment from private and government sources committed to greenfield mineral exploration and infrastructure.  (Read more here).

Portable analytical instrumentation and world-class analysers are essential in exploration and development and must-haves in any greenfields project.


Niton XL5

The team from PAS will be demonstrating its impressive Niton XL5 and the Niton range of XRF analysers customised for mining, resources and geological applications.

The new top range model features Mining Mode which enables users to determine the concentration of elements from Mg to U in various types of geochemical materials.

The Niton XL5 delivers cost effective capability for accuracy in oil and gas exploration, mineral discovery and mining operations.

As well as metals, the XL5 measures the elemental composition of scale, sludge, oil, powders and slurries.


Broad range of technologies

Mining and exploration are key industries for PAS with customers across Australia and New Zealand. We provide leading analytical solutions for many applications within the sector that save time and money with in-situ chemical/elemental analysis of samples, providing greater accuracy and faster results. Solutions include field portable analysers utilising x-ray fluorescence (XRF), near infra-red (NIR) spectrometry or FTIR. 

PAS also arranges rental of some analysers, ensuring a perfect fit for customers in their intended application.