Malvern Panalytical Scientific Award 2023

Our 2023 Scientific Award is now open – and there’s a €5,000 prize for the best entry.
Entries close August 31st – you’ve still got time!


Niton Apollo

Thermo Fisher ScientificLIBs

Laser focused carbon analysis.

Discover high-speed performance combined with point and shoot simplicity. With minimal training, the Niton Apollo is easily operated even by non-technical users. Fast analysis times help increase sample throughput and production. A hot-swap Milwaukee® battery also keeps users up and running when it’s time to replace a low battery.

Niton™Apollo 2
Niton™Apollo 3

Designed to provide fast analysis and low detection limits, the Niton Apollo ensures superior results.

Engineered to help conquer your toughest analytical challenges, the Niton Apollo specialises in measuring carbon content in a convenient, portable form factor.

Powered by Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), the Niton Apollo delivers unmatched speed, superior performance and enhanced productivity. Unleash the possibilities and bring the power of lab analysis to the field.

  • Determine alloy composition and grade for a wide range of metallurgical samples
  • Calculate carbon equivalency to determine piping weldability
  • Verify critical assets, such as, piping, valves and reaction vessels for Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Inspect materials at receiving, in-process fabrication and outgoing Quality Control (QC)
  • Validate Material Test Reports (MTR)
  • Prevent contaminated scrap from entering the supply stream 
  • Detect tramp and trace elements to meet regulatory standards

Key Applications for the Niton Apollo

Alloys / Metal Fabrication / Scrap Metal / Oil & Gas

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MicroPhazir PC

microPHAZIR PC Analyzer

Plastic/ Polymer Identification

MicroPHAZIR device

Recycling of plastics, carpeting and other polymer materials is increasing as more of these products are being recovered, recycled and reused by consumers and recycling facilities. Post-industrial and post-consumer materials need to be accurately identified and sorted to achieve high quality reprocessed material. The Thermo Scientific™ microPHAZIR™ PC Analyzer for Plastic/Polymer Identification is an NIR spectroscopy tool that rapidly screens and identifies a variety of polymers, plastics and fiber types on-site to streamline inspection without compromising accuracy and quality.

Thermo Scientific microPHAZAIR PC Analyzer for Plastic/Polymer Identification

The 2.75 lb (1.25 kg) microPHAZIR PC Analyzer for Plastic/Polymer Identification is a completely self-contained, powerful and cost-effective tool for the proper sorting and recycling of post-industrial and post-consumer polymer materials and carpet fibers. Simple point-and-shoot operation designed for non-expert users, the analyzer is fully automated, precalibrated, and requires no user input.

Key Applications for the MicroPhazir PC Anlyzer

Identification of a variety of plastic types, including:
PLA, PET, PP, PS, ABS, PI, PSO, PE, PPS, TPV, PTT, PC, PMP, PBT, PA, PETG, SAN, EVA, PB, PPO, CA, Nylon, PMMA, PUR, PI, PVC, PVA, PLA, Ionomer, Pollyalomer, Vinyl, Styrenic terpolymer, Elastomer

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MicroPhazir PC 7

MicroPhazir PC 8

MicroPhazir PC 9


Niton™ DXL Analyser

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Portable Bench top XRF

Niton gold spectrometers quickly provide the exact karat weight and percentages of all elements within an item – easily identifying non-standard, under-karated, and even advanced counterfeit gold with fire assay-comparable accuracy.

Thermo Scientific Niton DXL precious metal Analyser

Be absolutely sure of the value of the precious metals you buy and sell with a fast, simple non-destructive solution for gold analysis. Quickly distinguish between gold plating and solid gold and determine the accurate karat (K) weight of gold jewelry with the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ DXL Precious Metal Analyser.

  • Fast and accurate

  • Handles small pieces or multiple items simultaneously.

  • Non-destructive and simple to operate.

With an innovative colour touch-screen display and touch-screen keyboard, the DXL analyses precious metals with speed and accuracy. Its features include an improved intuitive interface, CCD Camera, large sample chamber with a back window for customer view and an optional small spot for the isolation of small components.

Niton™DXL 10
Man pressing test button on Niton DXL precious metal analyser
Man measuring the content of gold and precious metals

Key Applications for Niton DXL

Gold Buying / Jewellers / Secondhand Dealers / Collectors

  • Simultaneously measure the content of all gold and precious metals without manually changing your calibration based on the metal you’re analysing 
  • Precisely determine the presence and concentration of other trace alloying elements including lead
  • Eliminate the toxicity associated with nitric acid test methods
  • Capture images and focus in on small areas using our integrated cameral and small spot feature (depends on model).

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Niton™XL5 Plus

Niton XL5 Plus Handheld Analyser

Thermo Fisher ScientificXRF

Niton™XL5 Plus 11

The Niton XL5 Plus Portable Analyser

NEW Top Range model – best limits of detection in the range, smaller, lighter, even more ergonomic.

Identify pure metals and alloys, detect tramp elements, or obtain geochemical data. with a compact, lightweight handheld XRF analyser built for the most demanding analytical applications.

The XL5 Plus allows the x-ray source and fluorescence detector to be closer to the sample, improving limits of detection and shortening measurement time, especially for light elements.

As well as metals, the XL5 Plus measures the elemental composition of scale, sludge, oil, powders and slurries.

Niton XL5 Plus is a powerful Handheld XRF analyser that features:

  • Vivid navigation; customisable user profiles
  • Micro and macro cameras
  • Advanced analytical performance
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
    Smaller, faster, lighter
  • Segment leading light element performance
  • Customisable for individual applications
  • Accessories built for the industry
  • Backed by local support, knowledge and service
  • Large, installed customer database

Utilise mining mode to gather accurate, real time geochemical data and maximise overall productivity.

Mining mode enables users to determine the concentration of elements from Mg to U in various types of geochemical materials. Reduce overheads by implementing the Niton XL5 Plus for cost effective oil and gas exploration, mineral discovery and mining operations.

Key Applications for the Niton XL5 Plus

Mining & ExplorationAlloys /Metal Fabrication / Scrap Metal 

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