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Watch the video to find out more about airborne hyperspectral imaging.

To appreciate the significance of airborne hyperspectral imaging, Analytik has created an informative video to understand what hyperspectral imaging is, and how it works.

Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging (or Remote Sensing) collects and process information across different bands of the electromagnetic spectrum via an aerial vehicle, such as a drone. Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors collect spectral information from a large area (such as a forest) as a set of images, allowing the identification of objects and materials through their individual characteristics (or “spectral fingerprint”).

The electromagnetic spectrum consists of multiple bands of electromagnetic radiation which is separated by size and frequency.

Want to learn more? Continue watching the video provided by Analytik to understand more about hyperspectral imaging.

HeadWall Products

Airborne Solution example


Headwall’s Co-Aligned Dual VNIR-SWIR sensor package with co-aligned pixels for superb imaging performance from 400-2500nm.

Key Benefits of the Hyperspec VNIR – SWIR Co-Aligned from HeadWall Photonics.

  • Superb imaging performance
  • Wideband coverage
  • Pixel co-alignment through software
  • Small form-factor, lightweight
  • Robust and environmentally rugged
  • Aberration-corrected
  • High spatial and spectral resolution
  • Wide field-of-view

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