Niton XL5 User Video from Acuren

Thermo Fisher Scientific Niton XL5 users are happy users, which makes the team at PAS very happy as well.

Acuren Industrial is a leading provider of non-destructive testing and examination services to industries throughout the US and Canada. 

Watch this video to hear Mark Lang, Acuren’s PMI Manager, explain how the XL5 is meeting the demands of this organisation’s critical work in Texas and beyond.

The Niton XL5 is accurate, portable, robust

The XL5 offers amazing versatility, low limits of detection (LODs) and high sample throughput are critical for Australia and New Zealand’s industrial businesses as they seek to remain competitive in pressured markets. The Thermo Fisher Scientific Niton XL5 handheld XRF analyser provides customers with solutions designed to meet their most demanding applications, maximising performance and productivity.

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