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Comments regarding QLD Safety Alert of the use of NIR Spectrometers

Comments regarding QLD Safety Alert of the use of NIR Spectrometers

Recently the QLD government posted a Safety alert regarding the use of NIR spectrometers for the identification of Asbestos containing materials.  As we feel the alert was focused at the Thermo Scientific MicroPHAZIR AS spectrometer, we consider it is best to clarify the situation from our perspective.

Firstly, and most importantly; PAS agrees with the comment made in the alert that the only approved method noted in the Queensland Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, is that samples need to be analysed by a NATA accredited Laboratory using a PLM technique referred to in AS  4964-2004. As our customers and potential customers have been made aware, the microPHAZIR AS is not intended to be used to replace laboratory sampling methods, as at this time, it is not an approved method.

Both the manufacturer and PAS have carried out extensive internal and independent testing through groups such as KIWA laboratories in Europe, these tests have satisfied many of our local and state governments, emergency response departments and private sector customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, who have been using the MicroPHAZIR AS as a support tool in their working environments for a number of years.

In a meeting recently held with a representative of the QLD government, it was indicated to PAS that more peer-reviewed literature was required,especially around the performance of the new,improved version 5 MicroPHAZIR AS system. PAS has taken this advice and through our in-house Asbestos expert Dr Jimmy Bester, started to work on having these Peer-reviewed papers prepared through local University teams.

PAS is committed to complying with local laws and regulations, and working with industry to improve the safety of workers, and the public through the innovation of instrumentation such as the MicroPHAZIR AS.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly on 02 43812844.

Paul Martin

Managing Director

Portable Analytical Solutions Pty Ltd