Malvern Panalytical Scientific Award 2023

Our 2023 Scientific Award is now open – and there’s a €5,000 prize for the best entry.
Entries close August 31st – you’ve still got time!


Niton™ XL3 Analyser

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Portable Handheld XRF

The Niton XL3 is an advanced Portable XRF analyser (PXRF) with sophisticated models designed for specific industry applications. A tilting, color, touch-screen display allows easy viewing of sample results under any condition.

The optional integrated camera allows users to locate, view, and store the analysis image and the test results for later reference.

The handheld Niton XL3t GOLDD+ for light element (Mg-S) analysis offers the lowest limits of detection and fastest measurement times.

  • Integrated GPS on some models
  • Rapid accurate decisions on-site
  • Low limits of detection
  • Optimisation for light elements in some models

Key Applications for the Niton XL3

Geochemical / Mining and Exploration / Manufacturing / Engineering / PMI / Scrap Metal Recycling

Speak to PAS for expert guidance about which Thermo Fisher Niton XL3 best suits your application and particular conditions.

Niton™XL3 1
Niton™ XL3 Analyser Handheld