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Agilent 5500 FTIR

Agilent 45500 Series FTIR

The Agilent 5500 Series Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) instruments are advanced mid-infrared region spectrometer platforms that offer the same capabilities as larger and more traditional FTIR spectrometers. However, they are designed to be smaller in size, easier to maintain, and more affordable.

These instruments are specifically designed to provide precise results in material analysis without the complexity, high maintenance requirements, or expensive costs associated with larger FTIR spectrometers. The Agilent 5500 Series FTIR instruments offer accurate and reliable performance, making them an excellent choice for a variety of applications in different industries.


Agilent 5500 FTIR
agilent 5500 testing
two women in a lab using the agilent 5500 series FTIR

The Agilent 5500 Series FTIR  is a powerful tool that features:

  • Longer path length capabilities in transmission spectroscopy in a user-friendly format similar to ATR with the 5500 DialPath analysers.
  • Quick analysis of samples by placing a single drop of liquid on the surface of the 5500t analyser and rotating a second window into position to sandwich the sample.
  • Available with one, three, or five reflection-diamond ATRs, catering to various applications, including single-reflection diamond ATR for solids and liquids identification and multi-reflection ZnSe ATR for liquid analysis.
  • Intuitive, method-driven, multi-language software that guides users through every step of the operation, ensuring ease of use. The software features colour-coded alerts to confirm whether samples meet specifications.
  • MicroLab Quant provides a simple, guided quantitative methods development package, making it easy to develop and optimise quantitative methods quickly and efficiently.
  • Optional MicroLab Pharma supports compliance with data integrity regulations, ensuring accurate and reliable data analysis.

How To Apply The Agilent 5500
Chemical Analysis / Oil Analysis / 

Speak to PAS for expert guidance on FTIR analysers such as the Agilent 5500 Series.

Agilent 4500 Portable FTIR

Agilent 4500 Series Portable FTIR Spectrometers

The Agilent 4500 portable FTIR spectrometer is the ideal device for on-the site analysis outside of a laboratory. It’s rugged build means it can withstand any environment, making it perfect for forensics, chemical identification, and industries such as chemicals, food production, and polymers.

This instrument is designed for applications where fast, reliable results are required. The optics are designed for reliability in non-lab environments, and the innovative sampling interfaces and software provide answers for liquid and solid samples at the sample site.

Agilent 4500 portable ftir
Agilent 4500 Portable FTIR 3

The Agilent 4500 portable FTIR Spectrometer is a powerful tool that features:

  • Rugged, portable FTIR spectrometer.
  • This product is perfect for those who want reliable and high-quality answers, without having to be in a lab setting.
  • The 4500a Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) Interface is ideal for the chemical analysis of liquids, powders, pastes and gels; while the TumblIR (4500t) or DialPath interfaces are perfectly suited for rapid liquid analysis under ambient conditions.
  • Depending on the application, one, three, or five reflection-diamond ATRs are available.
    The Special forensics analyzer package (4500a) detects unknown chemicals, like narcotics and psychoactive drugs
  • The 4500 DialPath analyzer is capable of giving you the long pathlength capabilities that come with transmission FTIR spectroscopy, but without the complexity.
  • The 4500t makes it easy to take high-quality samples quickly and efficiently. Simply wipe the two windows clean before taking your next sample.
  • The MicroLab FTIR software is designed to give you clear and actionable answers. The intuitive, method-driven software guides users through every step of operation in multiple languages, while optional settings such as hazard or color-coded alerts help users with the result review.

How To Apply The Agilent 4500
Alloys / Coatings / Environmental / Mineral Analysis  / Mining and Exploration / Construction / Forensics

Speak to PAS for expert guidance on FTIR analysers such as the Agilent 4500 Series.

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Agilent 4300 Handheld FTIR

Agilent 4300 Series Portable FTIR Spectrometers

The Agilent 4300 Handheld FTIR spectrometer offers an unrivaled combination of convenience, portability, ruggedness, and versatility. At just 2kg – light enough for easy transport yet sturdy enough to handle challenging conditions – it’s the perfect tool for on-the-spot non-destructive testing in any environment.

With high-performance optics, hardware design, and an excellent user experience, users will find the Agilent 4300 is easy and efficient. Applications  this device is suited to include polymers, coatings, composites, bulk material, cleaning verification, historical artifacts, and artwork.

Agilent 4300 Handheld FTIR 7
portable analyser
Agilent 4300 Handheld FTIR 8

The Agilent 4300 portable FTIR Spectrometer is a powerful tool that features:

  • Portable nondestructive testing of advanced materials

  • Handheld sampling flexibility with auto recognised and interchangeable sample interfaces
  • Ergonomic handheld FTIR spectrometer design for ease of use and optimal data measurement

  • The design of the MicroLab Mobile FTIR software mirrors that of its mobile measurement hardware, ensuring powerful, reliable and providing the results you need in a simplistic manner

  • DGTS detector delivers a broad range of spectral coverage for everyday analysis
  • Optional MicroLab Pharma that supports compliance with data integrity regulations

  • User friendly, multilingual software that guides its users through every step of the process with ease and efficiency. With Colour coded alerts that are clear indicators to show whether samples have meet pre-determined specifications or not.

  • MicroLab Quant provides a straightforward, direct quantitative methods development package

How To Apply The Agilent 4300
Polymers and Coatings / Soil Science / Elemental and Mineral Analysis  / Mining and Exploration 

Speak to PAS for expert guidance on FTIR analysers such as the Agilent 4300 Series.

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