Mine Mapping

Access to dangerous or sites previously out of reach - a new era in mapping.

Leading-edge remote sensing spectral imaging is perfect for use by airborne and ground applications.

Remote Sensing Hyperspectral technology has offered new opportunities for mine operations to take large area spectral images, allowing accurate and rapid mineral identification accurately and rapidly of in pit walls. With the combination of the Headwall hyperspectral images and the ASD Terraspec product mineral identification an entire image can be evaluated quickly improving mining operations.

Full Range

PAS offer a complete suite of field-portable, handheld and airborne instruments for Remote Sensing, including ASD’s range of FieldSpec spectroradiometers and Headwall’s line of Hyperspectral sensors.

  • Headwall hyperspectral sensors based on an all-reflective concentric technology
  • Headwall features its own application-specific, all-original diffraction gratings to eliminate chromatic aberration over the entire spectral range
  • ASD FieldSpec 4 series spectroradiometers allow researchers to measure more targets at more sites in a smaller timeframe
  • Portable, ruggedised unit with extensive wireless range.